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Went to Chester Zoo today with Sophie.

Look how chill that monkey is.

Fujifilm X100.

Took a trip to London Sealife today for a friends birthday. 

@hpx93 took a photo of my in front of some old building in the middle of the bank district.


Mark Strong portrait for Telegraph Magazine. Out today.


Fog Moving Across Vancouver, 2014


Title Fight

Union Transfer

October 2013

Photos by Danielle Parsons


I recently photographed my dads friends dog when on a shoot for a uni project.

Dustin from PRM

I recently did my first fashion shoot in the studio, using a model agency. These are a few of the photographs from it.

Record is off the chain

China town was good to me



Last year I started working on a new video segment for Run For Cover called Off The Radar. The series will focus on creative people and ask them to recommend 5 things that you should check out. I thought it would be interesting to start a series that isn’t directly linked to music and showcase some great up and coming creative individuals.

The point of this series is to put you on to something different that you may not know about, be it a book, an artist, or even just an interesting product. As a creative person I love being recommended new artists or projects, so I am really passionate about this series and I hope you guys will enjoy it. 

- Alex

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